What is 1stop4business?

1stop4business is a group of companies based in the Peterborough area that provide professional services to other businesses. The group aims to offer a ‘one stop shop’ for organisations in and around the city that are looking for high quality professional support.


Why should I use 1stop4business?

It’s all in the name – we are a ‘one stop shop’ for a wide range of services. Just one call (or email or web contact form) gives you access to all the professional assistance you need.


Do I need to buy all my professional services from 1stop4business?

You can engage as many – or as few – of the 1stop4business members as you wish. All are happy to work alongside existing suppliers or other professionals who are not 1stop4business members.


Who supplies the services?

Each member of 1stop4business operates independently – but activities can be co-ordinated across firms if you need a multi-disciplinary approach. Each firm invoices separately for its services.


Who pays for 1stop4business?

1stop4business is paid for by the member firms – the companies providing the professional services. There is no charge from1stop4business to the users of the services.


What if I already have professional service providers that I am happy with?

Members of 1stop4business are happy to work alongside your existing professional service suppliers if you have them. Our members will ‘fill the gaps’ in your provision. There is no obligation to buy all your services from 1stop4business members.


What is the role of 1stop4business in providing services?

1stop4business provides no services directly – our role is simply to find the right people to meet your professional service needs and make the introductions. There is no fee for that service.


What quality control does 1stop4business apply?

All our member firms have signed up to our Code of Practice. Each also operates to the code of practice appropriate to their professions.


I am thinking of joining as a provider of professional services. What do I do?

Check out the information here. Or simply fill in the application form.