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Are you considered progressive too?

What do your staff think of you as their employer? Is it in the words of the Strawbs song, “I say what I think that the company stinks” (sorry 1970s, show my age) or do they see you as an employer of choice and “Great to work for”?…

Giving taxpayers a nudge

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC), which has been in the news lately for its new system of accelerated payment notices (APNs), has now come under fire for the use of so-called ‘nudge’ letters sent by its Behavioural Insights Team.…

Print marketing is dead – long live print!

In a marketing world dominated by social media, what’s the point of print?

That’s easy, print marketing supports your online marketing efforts – okay, you may say not very ‘environmentally friendly’ and in today’s world and the emphasis on sustainability, the print industry has put ever more demands on the paper mills to give the end user what they desire in terms of recycled or recyclable materials.…

Crowdfunding guide

By Lynn Munday ACA, Forecast Flow

Crowdfunding is now becoming a more popular way to raise finance for businesses. Many people will have heard of crowdfunding, but what is it and how do you go about raising finance through crowdfunding?…

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