About us

boardroom meeting
We are a group of Peterborough-based companies aiming to create a new way of doing business and providing essential professional services to both it’s members, and any businesses migrating or expanding into the Peterborough Business Landscape.

Called 1stop4business, we’re not a conventional ‘networking’ group – instead a co-operative marketing collaboration formed by professional service providers in and around Peterborough. We provide a ‘one stop shop’ for companies seeking support services for their business without the pain of trawling through the internet, or indeed attending several networking meetings to find the right services.

The purpose of the collaborative is to serve as a central resource for business owners – they may only need one or two services to begin with, but with the growing membership we have, there will be several professional business services within our umbrella to pull resource from as and when required.

We are pleased to be able to use the facilities of the Future Business Centre, London Road, Peterborough which being at such a notable location (right next door to the local football ground). Pleased, because it affords us the best facilities to hold our monthly meetings of members, as well as providing a comfortable, neutral environment for Business owners to engage with us without any formal commitment until you are truly happy with what we can offer.

Our members have all committed to the 1stop4business Code of Practice which provides you with an assurance of the highest standards of competence and service.

If you are interested in finding out more about what 1stop4business can offer please contact the 1stop4business chairman, David Dixon by email at admin@1stop4business.org or phone 01733 347301.